What Happens During Stretch Mark Treatment?

Stretch marks are essentially tears in the skin. They develop from weight gain, growth spurts, and even certain medications. And while they aren't typically a sign of a health issue, most of us wish they'd disappear.

Dr. Said Attoussi and our compassionate team at Nashville Family Medical Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee offer a great solution for treating stretch marks. Using state-of-the-art IconTM light-based laser therapy, we can diminish the look of unsightly stretch marks so you feel more confident.

How does it work?

Dr. Attoussi uses IconTM laser technology to smooth out and lighten your stretch marks. During the treatment, the fractional laser technology delivers pulsed energy to unwanted areas. That targeted energy stimulates collagen production, so new cells can form. Those new cells create healthier skin that diminish stretch marks over time. 

After four to eight treatments, about 30 minutes each, your stretch marks should look noticeably fainter.

What happens after treatment?

This non-invasive treatment requires little or no downtime. You may experience swelling or redness in the area, which diminishes a few days after treatment. While complications aren't common, Dr. Attoussi will work to treat any issues that might arise.

When do stretch marks occur?

Our skin stretches as we grow. If that happens too quickly, our skin fibers may stretch and tear, revealing deeper layers of skin, commonly known as stretch marks. These embarrassing striations occur most often during:

What causes stretch marks?

Most stretch marks appear after excessive weight gain, such as during pregnancy. These are actually scars called striae. They often begin as thin, light or dark brown areas, depending upon one’s skin color. Stretch marks can appear on both women and men, typically in these areas:

How can you prevent or reduce stretch marks?

While Dr. Attoussi reduces unwanted stretch marks with Icon treatments, your best course of action is to prevent them in the first place. We recommend you:

Unfortunately, you can’t always prevent stretch marks from developing. Our bodies change and stretch marks are sometimes a natural part of that change. With that said, here are a few additional ways you can reduce stretch marks:

Are you looking to improve unsightly stretch marks? Contact us today to learn more about our advanced IconTM laser technology and our other aesthetic and healing therapies.

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