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Age, family history, and excess weight are leading causes of a double chin. If the sagging skin and fat of a double chin bother you, Said Attoussi, MD, of Nashville Family Medical Clinic, offers SculpSure®, a nonsurgical body contouring system to permanently eliminate unwanted fat. The treatment tightens the skin under your chin. To find out more about this light-based option to give your face the slimmer look you’ve always wanted, call the office in Nashville, Tennessee, or schedule a consultation online.

Double Chin Reduction Q & A


What is SculpSure?

An FDA-approved body contouring system, SculpSure can permanently eliminate unwanted fat in your double chin without surgery. The laser-based treatment works by attacking fat cells to give you a slimmed-down appearance.

A noninvasive therapy, SculpSure requires no downtime. You can get back to your normal activities, unlike with surgical options. Both men and women can benefit from SculpSure for double chin reduction. Patients in a clinical trial experienced a dramatic improvement in their double chins and expressed 100% satisfaction with the treatment.

How does SculpSure reduce a double chin?

SculpSure uses a specific wavelength of laser light that’s highly effective at targeting fatty tissues. The light travels below the surface of your skin and into your fat cells, where the heat permanently eliminates the cells.

Over time, your body’s lymphatic system — a network of vessels that works with your immune system — sweeps away the fat cells. The result is a slimmer, natural appearance in your chin area.

What should I expect before double chin treatment?

Dr. Attoussi will review medical history, and you’ll talk about the treatment area. This is a great time to ask questions.

Prior to treatment, you may need to avoid certain medications. For example, ibuprofen and aspirin can thin your blood and increase your chances of bruising.

What should I expect during double chin treatment?

The SculpSure device is applied on your chin area. You’ll feel bursts of warm laser energy, followed by cooling therapy. While this is happening, you may experience mild burning or stinging sensations. Your entire treatment at Nashville Family Medical Clinic should take no more than 25 minutes.

What should I expect after double chin treatment?

Side effects are generally mild, but you may see a bit of bruising while you’re healing. As your body carries away the dead fat cells, you’ll begin seeing results — typically around the six-week mark. You should achieve maximum results 12 weeks after treatment.

Each treatment session permanently destroys about 25% of fat cells. Dr. Attoussi will advise you whether you need more than one session to see the desired results.

If you’re ready to explore a permanent, nonsurgical solution for permanent double chin reduction, call *615-512-6641 today, or book a consultation online at Nashville Family Medical Clinic.

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